MEL WATKINS, Professor & Former Seoul Internations Ambassador

Shannon was the photographer for Seoul Internations events in 2015. Not only did she provide top quality images that really captured the vibe of the event and the organization, but she was also a joy to work with in every way. She added her personal cheeriness to the parties and connected personally with attendees, which enabled her to really capture everyone's personality in the resulting images. Internations is a community of people who travel and relocate often, and she really provided us with wonderful memories of each other to look back on as we all continue to move through the world.

On a practical level, Shannon was always on time, prepared, and professional, even when she was very pregnant! She edited images quickly and more than competently, often providing several different edits of a shot to ensure quality and satisfaction. She was always communicative, upbeat, and very reasonable. 

 To sum up, I really appreciated Shannon's contributions to Seoul Internations as a photographer. Her excellent work provided us all with lifelong memories and connection, and I'd highly recommend her as a photographer for any event."

WILL FORRESTER, Film Director & Screenwriter, Paranoid Gecko Productions

I am honored to have worked with Shannon who is a remarkable actress, filmmaker and collaborator. Her amazing focus, presence and attention to details helped me bring a character to life on the screen. 

Shannon is also a wonderful acting coach at her own company, Hapa Entertainment. She created and taught various on-camera acting classes that truly helped the acting community here in Seoul.  I myself, was lucky to have been invited to speak at a filmmaking panel she created last year.

In addition to her professional skills, Shannon is an incredibly kind and sweet person. She was instrumental in introducing me to terrific actors who were great to work with on different productions. 

Anyone working with Shannon will immediately feel the warmth and professionalism she brings as a collaborator. She has my highest recommendation.

IRINA ZABLOTSKAYA, Actress & COO Parkour Generations Korea

I was fortunate to have Shannon McClain as my coach on acting in Korea for almost  year in 2015. I worked with her both in a workshop setting organized and led by her as well as had he as my personal coach. 

Shannon reads an actor's potential very well and at the same time suggests a way and perspective towards discovering yourself from the angle unexpested or unknown to you. She also has a wonderful ability to create an atmosphere where you can easily open up and feel yourself comfortable in whatever challenging circumastances your role or character puts you in. 

Despite the fact that Shannon was my very first coach in acting, and my training period was not that long, I could learn and to a good extent master a skill of studying my character background and personalize it, to improvise, to be and to act in the moment, and to have my private moment while on the stage.

On top of all Shannon has been a great supporter and an insightful mentor who used to advise me on my acting career path.  

If I had a chance to train with Shannon again I would not hesitate even a second to do so.